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book recommendations

Book Recommendations for Summer Reading

Books for summer reading

With the rising heat, it’s the time to add some heat to your summer reading list too. This summer vacation, update your reading list & book recommendations with some must-read novels of summer reading. If you’re a summer, reading books with summer vibes can make you fall in love with summer. The Web Capitals are here to help you with some spoiler free summer reading & book recommendations for happy summer reading. 

  1. The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh
The Hungry Tide for Summer Reading

A quick ride to the Sundarbans. Warm, bright and mythical. A book to take you to the instant tour to the tropical mangrove land of the Indian subcontinent. The characterization, the story telling the connection with nature can lift up the summer mood. It can also resonate with some realistic realisations about the somehow isolated corner of the world. 

Pia and Kanai’s journey through the tunnel of time, discovery of the past and the beauty and depth of the local myths, will leave you caught up to the novel for a long time. One can enjoy the essence of the Bay of Bengal, the history of Sundarbans along with an ironic storytelling . The characters makes the story more interesting.

It explores the diversity of language and culture with the serious real life issues like politics, migration, identity and ecology . The hungry tide is an amazing medium to connect with the lives of the people of Sundarbans. With the rise of issue of climate change, the book can strengthen the understanding of the environmental balance & can help you to find more similar book recommendations .

  1. Into The Wild  by John Krakauer. 
Into the wild

A sense of mindblowing adventure, slice of life and experience of a spontaneous life. Summer brings the sense of exploration and the sunshine of life. Christopher ( the protagonist) takes us into a joyful ride of a thrilling ride to the uncertainty of life. 

The traveling, the minimal and happy journey and the idea of being directionless is enough to keep the readers caught up into the descriptive storyline of the book. Besides, The sense of disconnection from the world but resonating with the natural style of living can leave the readers in awe for the scorching days of summer.

The book opens the possibility of enjoying the incredible journey of Chris as a companion. Also, the movie adaptation of the book is equally interesting and impactful to the audience. Something like this with the appeal of natural and intellectual beauty, is always recommended for your summer book list. 

  1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusac
The book theif as a summer read

A rather charming visualisation of death  as a storyteller. A summer read like this novel, can be anyone’s favourite mixture of fiction and reality.  A story of Lisel Meminger as a foster child during the time of the second world war. 

The book is heart warming and gut wrenching at some point. Basically, it takes many emotional turns, because, of course, it’s death talking after all. Death is everywhere in the novel. So, before enjoying The Book Thief, readers must sit tight with the expectations of elimination of any character they find nice. (Any Game of Thrones fans here? 😂)

The summer might get gloomy and cruel with the descriptions of snowy afternoons in the novel. Certainly, it’s a World War story like no other World War story. Everything in the novel, family, friendship, love, experience and even happiness is described in the tone of eternal melancholia that makes death more believable and powerful as a narrative and eternal truth. 

With a slow paced reading, and mixture of visualisation, the novel can be another best choice for a summer read. The Book Thief also has a film adaptation which is also recommended to watch. 

  1. Kafka on The Shore by Haruki Murakami

Although, Starting Murakami with Kafka On the Shore might be too overwhelming but the novel is extraordinarily engaging. Besides, The magical, magnetic field created by the maze of words, and the amazingly coiling story-line with bizarre experiences, can leave anyone amazed.

Most importantly these book recommendations have various niche ,the core focus of this book was about a reckless journey towards the unknown. The beautiful narration, description and portrayal of human emotions, boundaries and reflections makes it extraordinary. The two extraordinarily parallel and intertwined story line will keep the readers captivated for a nearly unexpected ending. 

This is somewhere reality and imaginations come together creating the dreamlike magic and a blurred vision through the ordinary to the extraordinary. Themes like loss, identity, crisis, fate, makes the text more energetic. Best thing about the novel is that the reader has plenty of room for interpretation and visualization. Moreover, the vibrant inclusion of Japanese culture, geography, nature and especially the sea-shore, can make the book an ideal beach reading along with a high intellectual impression. 

  1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist as a summer read

A best read to enter into the literary world of Paulo Coelho. A rather popular best seller of all time consisting of a linear inspirational story. It can be a best re-read option as well for the summer vacation days. This was also an international best seller with a vast number of translated copies for a diverse audience all over the world. 

Through the journey of the shepherd Santiago, the reader will feel the importance of choices we make in our lives. Through the enchanting and engaging story of the shepherd, readers get the notion of dreams, fulfillment, wisdom and belief. The book is way more than just a novel. It’s a legend of a character, a learning to embrace life and the consequences, follow passion and a literary inspiration. 

The geographical descriptions, the adventure, the cultural connotations, are the perfect way to find an escape from the daily chaos of our lives. Overall, The Alchemist is a very easy and subtle read which can be finished within some hours but through the captivating hours, readers are bound to have a good time and some precious life lessons. 

  1. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

“It may be unfair, but what happens in a few days, sometimes even a single day, can change the course of a whole lifetime…”

The kite runner and summer reading

The Kite Runner is definitely a life changing novel with magical narrative and a beautifully heart touching plot. This book would always take up a huge space in my heart. 

The novel is based on 1970’s Afghanistan and has a historical portrayal along with the touching story of two children and their intertwined life. 

The novel is an epic of friendship, love, loyalty, guilt, some life changing experiences and circumstances, bravery and kindness, loss and repentance. A worthy and catchy summer read to be engaged with the story that changes everything. 

To the valuable learning of culture, lifestyle and geographical narration of Afghanistan, the book is a doorway of an intriguing Afghan journey to the roots, the history and the future. The book is a demand for hope and kindness in a world full of hate and greed. 

  1. A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

This is going to be your favorite from these book recommendations . A man called Ove is undoubtedly a heartwarmingly beautiful novel. The grumpy old protagonist with some high moral grounds and principles , also has a cute, friendly neighbour’s heart. The book will definitely create a sweet universe with the dynamic of human emotions, love and relationship. 

As the story unravels, the character becomes more relatable and the reader can empathise with Ove. The story becomes more beautiful when a family moves into the neighbouring house. The story keeps evolving around the life and experience of the little family and Ove being a member of the family. 

In this scorching summer, the story will moist the readers heart. The magic of the story with a beautiful adaptation of imagination and the soothing joyful everyday life out of the little things gives hope. The story can have an impact on our daily life & it is an ideal book recommendation , enhance empathy, kindness and leave a sweetening essence in mind in the end & also influence you to upgrade book recommendations.

Summer vacations are more enjoyable with something special to do and if that’s reading some good books, that vacation becomes more special. When the rising temperature makes it almost impossible to roam around or enjoy the holiday outdoors, books can be a medium to create a new world of imagination better than the outdoors. Stay with The Web Capitals for more amazing book recommendations, tips and updates.