Make a reading habit

Reading for delight: Discover a suitable reading style. 

Reading has an aesthetic appeal to the human mind. For centuries, it has been a great pastime and a way to gather knowledge. There are different kinds of readers, with different tastes and preferences. People might easily know what to read, but in the midst of busy life and adulting, people need the right time and methods for productive reading. The Web Capital presents a diverse guide to reading for the bookworms, struggling to read. 

The delight of reading

It is obvious that in the rush of life, people miss out on many things they used to like because of the limitation of time and resources. Reading is one habit that is helpful to keep a sane mind, calming stress, and enhancing creativity. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, books are capable of enlarging the capacity for thinking and analyzing. No matter how busy and tough life gets, books can open a door to instant escape, relaxation, and motivation. Books are something that takes the reader into some other imaginary universe, thus, imaginative skills and creativity enhance. For many bookworms, just reading a book with a cup of coffee, sitting in a corner of the room is the biggest relaxation method. 

The reading saga

Reading books

Beginners suffer to keep up with the reading process due to the hustle of daily life. The pro-bookworms also go through the phase of irritating readers-block. Firstly, a fruitful reading requires personalization. One needs to understand what kind of books, and what genre works for them and then start reading for a better beginning experience. Also, it is important to find an ideal spot that gives a peaceful ambiance. 

Then, the readers might have to figure out which method suits them the most and what kind of experience they want. One might like traditional paper books. On the contrary, there are people who’d rather take advantage of digital platforms. Audiobooks are also an increasingly popular method nowadays. Infact, there is no perfect method, but it depends on the readers’ preferences to figure out their perfect reading methods for themselves. 

Discovering suitable reading method

As mentioned, there are a number of methods in the 21st century to read, to offer a valuable reading experience. But it gets confusing for the readers as to which one to actually choose for their regular reading. 

Paper books 

If you’re someone for whom the sensorium matters, the touch, the smell, and the view, then undoubtedly you must choose the classic method of reading. Let’s take paper books as one of the most used methods till now as it existed for centuries. Paper books give a level of satisfaction while activating the senses. Smell and touch are important elements for readers to experience a great book. Paper books contain both of them. There is this excitement of visiting bookstores and dwelling over the books in stacks. Every time I visit a bookstore, the first thing I do is smell every book I find interesting. Some people might find it gross, while others consider it an inseparable way of reading. 

Digital platforms for reading 

With time, money, and space in mind, digital platforms take the spot for solving these problems all at once. There are many digital versions of books available online. Pdf, E-pub, and Kindle are some of those. One can easily download it for free and get into the reading world. There are paid versions of ebooks as well with some extra advantages for customization and convenience.  One can also store as many books needed as the size of online copies is flexible enough. This also saves the time and energy of searching for books in the books stores. There are many digital devices for reading. Starting from the smartphones we carry all the time to tablets, laptops, and Kindle e-readers dedicated only to reading can be the devices to read on. 

Smartphones have specific features and software for reading books. Apps like Eboox, Readera, and Moon+ reader, are some suitable mobile apps for ebooks. But phones can be inconvenient for the limited screen sizes and smaller fonts. Tablets tend to solve this problem of digital reading with all possible features for e-readers With a wide screen for a better view. 

Amazon took the digital method one step ahead with their Kindle device. Kindle is another popular device designed only for reading. A Kindle comes with plenty of free ebooks and features for customization as well. Also, these are better for eyes and concentration as there’s no other activities to do on these devices. 

One can also count laptops as a platform as well. But a laptop or desktop both need a lot of effort to read on. From personal experience, a laptop does work for going through academic papers, news, and other smaller versions of texts, but it’s quite a task reading books in it. A laptop might also work for many people as it has an even bigger screen. But as most of the time the laptops are heavy, readers do not feel comfortable relying on the device for regular use.  Now there can be valid confusion among readers about which device to use. According to most digital readers, a tablet or Kindle is feasible and comfortable. On the other hand, the fans of printed versions are always quite negative towards e-readers. 

Reading or listening?: Popularity of audiobook

Audiobooks are gaining popularity among people because of their convenience and usefulness. If someone wants to read and work simultaneously, they can play an audiobook while working. This is also an effective method for traveling and even while sleeping or relaxing. This new method has brought a revolution to the readers community. Even people with vision disability can be benefited from the system of audiobooks. One can give their eyes a proper rest while enjoying their current read. This way, audiobooks are opening new horizons for readers all over the world. This can be a suitable option for readers to explore new literature on a regular basis. It certainly doesn’t give the proper feel of ‘reading’, but is a productive habit to cultivate. This can be the last straw for the readers not being able to manage a particular time for books. 

Proper environment for better concentration

Having a proper environment is needed for concentration and effectiveness. Readers all over the world like the quiet environment of libraries. libraries dedicated to the Readers, accommodate the needed ambiance and environment for the readers. One can find a local library and use that place for spending dedicated time. Some crucial things to keep in mind while selecting a perfect place to read are, light and air. If the place doesn’t have proper lighting and ventilation, it can be really uncomfortable and unhealthy for the reader. 

For making a readers-friendly environment, the place needs to be distraction-free. Firstly, if the spot area is neat and clean, the reader can easily concentrate on their books. Along with that, readers can accommodate drinking water near their reading spot. Most importantly, one should take a break from the internet. For the dedicated reading time, distractions like smartphones and social media must be taken care of. 

Nowadays, the concept of outdoor reading is being popular because of the convenience for people who spend a lot of time out of their houses. For example, coffee shops and bookstores nowadays are hospitable to readers with their sitting arrangements. These places offer a comfortable experience for their customers So the readers can take advantage of these features to feed their minds. 

Outdoor parks can be some good options too for people who like the vicinity of nature. This also helps enable the senses for relaxation and productivity. A revolutionary activity called ‘Silent reading’ is being popular in India right now. This is a great initiative in order to make a readers-friendly environment and a reader’s community. Something like this is always appreciated and helpful for the readers. 

Reading accessories

For ensuring maximum comfort, many people use a variety of accessories that are designed for the comfort level of reading. Also, some of the products come with health benefits that take care of the health for the long run. Readers can also keep these items in mind to add extra stars to their reading experience. 

Reading glasses 

With the popularity of digital platforms, eye care is a big concern now. Eye-related issues are gradually growing. Reading glasses can be a solution for keeping the eyes of the readers safe from the emitting blue lights out of the devices. Even though many devices come with user-friendly eye comfort shields to protect the eyes from blue lights, the glasses can help with eye strains and other discomforts. Even hard-copy readers can consider using glasses for their reading time. 

Book holders

Personally being a fan of hard copies, I strongly recommend the use of the book holders. This product can bring a life-changing experience for the readers with the feather of holding and sustaining the pages. It is a blessing for readers holding heavy books for hours. One can easily stick the pages with the given metal hooks without damaging any of the parts. There are a versatile number of styles and types of these book stands for readers to choose from. These are very user-friendly and lightweight.

Book Light

To solve the lighting issues during the night or any other scenarios, the invention of reading lights is to be appreciated. There are many kinds of lights, which can be a lamp or tabletop lights, but the new generation LED flat lights are specially designed for paper books in the dark. One can keep the lights off in the room and still be able to read their hard copies with the help of this device. 

Book Marks

This does not need any special mention as well. Bookmarks are readers’ best friends. Forgetting each time the last read and losing the paused spot in a paper book is frustrating. Bookmarks saved a bunch of time dwelling over the pages finding the least read part of the book. Many readers use any possible things as bookmarks starting from cards to money to even keys. Readers can easily afford a cheap bookmark. Also, one can customize their own for a more personal touch.

Enjoy reading 

There’s the use of many more accessories for having a better read. But mostly, the things needed the most are the interest and will of the reader. In this chaotic daily life, reading can be like a mood-lifting habit for people. Also, the legacy of readers should be passed through to the next generation as a unique pass time or habit. We encourage all young readers who find peace in books and love to read. This beautiful habit is to be appreciated and encouraged. Cheers to the reader’s community.