Eco-friendly habits to ensure sustainbility

Eco-Friendly Habits: High time to Save the Mother Nature

Adopting eco-friendly habits in our lifestyle is no longer a choice but a necessity. Despite realizing this very fact, we often lack the motivation to take real-time actions. However, if it continues, soon we will have no time left in our hands to do something for this nurturing planet we call the “Mother Earth”.

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It’s high time that we take bold steps from our individual levels to save the mother nature. So, in this blog, we are mentioning a list of eco-friendly habits that you can start right from now to create a big difference in the future.

What does eco-friendly habit mean?

Whenever you see the term “Eco-Friendly”, probably the most common words that struck your mind are green, environment-friendly, pollution-free, etc. And when we are talking about Eco-Friendly Habits, we talk about incorporating all those habits and practices in our lifestyle that are green, sustainable, and safe to the environment.

Why Should You form Eco-Friendly Habits?

Forming eco-friendly habits are necessary and in fact, mandatory at this point in our lives because of countless reasons. We are mentioning 5 of those:

To Prevent Pollution:

Industrial air and water pollution that is making us hard to survive

Did you know?

Every year, almost 7 million people die from air pollution, and every day, almost 5000 people die due to drinking unclean water.

This is an alarming statistic and sooner or later, we ourselves can fall victims to it. So, to save our planet from these adverse impacts, we must go eco-friendly from now on.

To Protect Natural Resources:

As the population is increasing on the planet, so is the use of natural resources. We are quickly running out of valuable non-renewable resources that will be hard to replace.

Adopting eco-friendly habits can slow down the rapid usage of natural resources and ensure sustainability for generations to come.

To Help You Save Money:

When you adopt eco-friendly habits, you become more economical and better at managing your finances. Because you are no more wasting your money on expensive products and items that you can buy at a cheaper price alongside ensuring nature’s safety.

A stack of coins depicting savings through eco-friendly habits

As per The New Climate Economy, we could save almost $26 trillion by 2030 if we adopt eco-friendly habits and live sustainably.

Shocking, right?

To Combat Global Warming & Climate Changes:

As globalization is on the rise, we are producing more goods and items to remain competitive in the market, ignoring the hazardous impacts we create on the environment.

Melting of ice bergs due to not practicing eco-friendly habits

When we stop producing and consuming products that emit toxic substances to the environment, we considerably become able to prevent global warming and climate changes.

To Live a Better-Quality Life:

A lady in a swing enjoying her time in a green environment

Adopting green habits promises you a safer and healthier lifestyle in return. Starting from your diet plan, purchasing habits up to product consumption, everything gets changed for good. Besides, as a responsible human being, you are not leaving behind a destructed planet for future generations.

Eco-Friendly Habits to Start from Now:

1. Become A Waste-Free Person:

The first and foremost step you can take while going eco-friendly is to check your trash can. See how much non-recyclable wastes you are actually producing every day. You need to cut all of those as much as possible and become a zero-waste person.

A paper and a plastic bottle showing the necessity of eco-friendly habits to reduce non-disposable wastes

Every time while throwing something into your waste-basket, ask yourself “Is this waste going to leave a negative footprint on the environment?” This way, you will always remain mindful of your waste generation and control them accordingly.

As per EPA, an average American person produces 5.91 pounds of trash each day, out of which, only 1.51 pounds of trash is recyclable. So be mindful guys, cause your every action matters!

2. Eliminate Plastic Usage:

The use of plastics has become a part and parcel of our daily life. Whether we are buying a cold drink or taking water along with us while stepping out of our homes, we mostly use plastic products. This is because plastic materials are always a handy choice for carrying, compared to a heavy steel box or, a delicate glass bottle. But this is where the problem lies.

A man holding a plastic water bottle that shows our dependence on plastics

According to experts, by the year 2050, there will be more plastics in the oceans than fishes. Can you imagine where we are gradually pushing ourselves by constantly being careless of our actions?

So, let us say no to plastics and plastic products as much as possible from now onwards. Try using steel or, glass-made products instead. Initially, this eco-friendly habit is going to be a bit difficult to incorporate in our lifestyles but, it’s not an impossible thing to do. In fact, it will be worth the try.

3. Avoid Wasting Resources:

Nature has provided us with countless renewable and non-renewable resources to use. In return, it’s our responsibility to use these resources with utmost care, eliminating every possible means of wastage.

A lady washing hands with a faucet kept open that shows a bad practice

Check these following 2 statistics from the experts:

  • On average, each household consumes about 29% of global energy that can lead to 21% of carbon-dioxide emissions to the environment.
  • Any faucet that leaks a single drop of water per second can lead to wastage of 165 gallons of water per month. This is more than what an individual uses every 2 weeks.

These are the undesirable truths that one day might take us to a horrible reality that the experts are fearing every now and then. So, avoid wastage of resources, especially the non-renewable ones, and participate in saving the mother nature.

4. Plant Trees:

Trees have long been known as humans’ best friends. In fact, trees can be termed as an “All in One Package” that not only does provide us with food and shelter but also becomes a natural abode for the wild species. Compared to the investments on tree plantations, the benefits we get in return are way too large.

A person watering plants with a hose that shows an amazing eco-friendly habit

When you plant trees or small plants in your home premises, you get clean and purified air to breathe in. So, you remain physically and mentally sound. Besides, you also get to use the fruits, seeds, herbs, and other plant or tree parts for multifarious uses. Working in your small garden acts as a good means of exercise and helps you shed some extra calories.

Alongside all these, some people prefer planting medicinal plants and trees that act as great sources of first aid treatment during accidents or illness. So, try out this amazing experience of planting and nurturing trees or plants in your backyard and do some good to the nature!  

5. Use Ecosia & OceanHero:

Use eco-friendly search engines like Ecosia or OceanHero.

Don’t know how it works?

Check the videos!


6. Shift to Eco-Friendly Products:

This is another important eco-friendly habit to form. At present, there are many markets and online stores where you can purchase eco-friendly products that leave barely or almost no harmful footprint on the environment. Some of these are green air-coolers, sustainable heating and lighting systems, eco-friendly AC, etc.

A picture depicting eco-friendly products like disposable brushes and soaps

Besides, you should also remain careful while dealing with food products. Research enough before going to shopping and try to purchase in bulk. This way, you not only get rid of intensive shopping but also will be able to stop unnecessary commutes for single purchases.

Finally, try to avoid food wastage and purchase of food items that do not have eco-friendly packaging.

7. Be Mindful of the 3 R’s:

A picture with a pen and paper where the foundation of eco-friendly habit is written, which are reduce, reuse and recycle

The 3 R’s can be called the foundation of eco-friendly habits as it stands for: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Instead of forming a consumerist lifestyle, be mindful of these 3 R’s in your every purchase, every consumption, and every disposal.

8. Educate Others:

A mother teaching her son to water trees
Source: Kidspot NZ

Your learning becomes complete when you teach it to others. Unfortunately, there are still many people around us who aren’t aware of the state of the earth and all those shocking statistics. And then there are the children who need to know about these in order to grow up as conscious citizens and responsible human beings in the future.

We, The Web Capitals team have done our part to educate you about eco-friendly lifestyle and its importance. Now it’s your turn to teach others. Afterall, we can’t grow alone, we grow together. 


Out of all the species on the planet, human beings are referred to as the superior ones. Because they can make informed decisions and take rightful actions. This implies the other way round that, we are the only creatures to be responsible for the protection and safety of nature and other living beings.

A person holding a crystal ball depicting the nature to introduce a healthy new world through the practice of eco-friendly habits

We still have time in our hands but not that enough to waste. So, let’s become a little bit more responsible towards our lovely abode “The Earth” by incorporating all these eco-friendly practices.

“If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money”

Guy McPherson