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Pros and Cons of Playing PUBG Mobile


There was a time when gaming used to mean computer games only. Mobile games were meant for kids only to some extent for adults too. This was because of graphics, fewer controls, and fps related issue. But this changed in 2018 when PUBG Mobile came. Elaboration of PUBG is Player Unknown Battle Ground. PUBG has two versions. One for PC and another for mobile. On PC one can play PUBG mobile too through emulator. In this article, we will mainly talk about PUBG mobile.

What Makes PUBG Mobile Different

In general, mobile games are too less in size and also require less RAM. But PUBG mobile is more than 1 GB in size and it requires 3 GB of ram in android and in iPhone 6 or higher version can run this game. But for smooth gameplay 4 GB ram is suggested. These numbers are pretty high compared to other mobile games. This game has 3D sound effect which is pretty new in the mobile games.

There are so many modes and maps in PUBG mobile. These are

  • Arcade: Quick Match, Sniper Training, War
  • EvoGround: Payload 2.0, Power Armor
  • Arena: Arena Training, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Assault, Gun Game,
  • Classic: Erangel, Vikendi, Livik, Miramar, Sanhok,

What Makes This Game So Addictive

In PUBG mobile one can play in three different modes. I) Solo ii) Duo iii) Squad. While playing in these modes, one can talk with their friends and also can communicate with others in the lobby. This communication makes it so addictive as today’s generation is more into this type of communication. This is more of a social game. In social activity, there is more fun. This makes it addictive too.

Pubg mobile gives a constant measurable growth. If one player keeps playing everyday then he will get rewards for each day and there is a measurement of kill ratio per match. These types of things motivate someone to play every day.

Without a strategy and using brain one can’t survive this game. This game requires both skills and brain. This game has recoil just like real life gun. The recoil, too many guns, and weapons, awesome visualizations and graphics, many clothes and rewards make this game so addictive.

Pros of Pubg Mobile

There are many advantages of playing this game. Some of them are

1.Escape from Daily life problems: It’s no wonder that video games play an important role in escaping from daily life problems. After a hectic day, this can make someone refresh. This is a temporary escape from daily life problems.

2.Improves Problem Solving Skills: In Pubg mobile you have to land fast to survive. This landing needs skills because to land fast you need to apply math. This sounds ridiculous but this is true. For example, to land within 750 meters in the Erangel map, you need to jump from a plane at a speed of 234 meters per second while in other maps this number varies. Apart from landing, to win chicken dinner you need to apply many strategies and skills. These develop problem solving skills in real life.

3.Enhances Memory: This game enhances memory as in this game you need to remember places and also audio to which direction the enemies can be. In the map, you will get the signal of the enemies. This signal varies from a distance and also color changes due to distance. This enhances one’s memory.

4.Improves Brain Speed: To survive in this game, you need some skills and you have to be very fast. If your reflex is slow then you can’t survive in this game. This improves brain speed.

5.Improves Social Skills: As you can talk to your teammates, so you need to co-operate with them to win. This improves social skills.

Apart from this, PUBG mobile improves coordination, attention, concentration, and multi-tasking ability.

Cons of PUBG mobile

The disadvantages of playing pubg mobile are more than advantages. There are numerous numbers of reports that show the worst side of this game. In Jammu, a fitness trainer loses mental balance after playing PUBG mobile and ends up in hospital, 15 years old boy steals Rs 50,000 from his father’s bank account, two youths were mowed down by a train while playing pubg mobile in Maharastra. This list will keep going on. Here are some of the disadvantages of this game.

1.Behavior Changes: In many studies shows that children who spent most of the time playing video games are inclined to violent behavior. This makes a child’s personality under-developed and maladapted behaviors.

2.Poor Academic Performance: In general, only one match takes 15-30 minutes in PUBG mobile and generally an average person plays 10 matches daily. This leads to poor academic performance.

3.Lack of Hobbies: Due to this game or similar games like this, a child can not discover his/her hobby because of too much time consumption in this game.

4.Slow Down Brain Development: Though video games improve critical ability and brain speed but in long term, it slows down brain development.

5.Affects Eyesight: Playing games like this impacts a lot in the eyes. Most of the children nowadays have an eye-sight problem because of playing video games.

6.Physical Problems: PUBG mobile can lead someone to neck pain, weight gain, or obesity and it diminished cardiovascular skills.

7.Less Participation in Outdoor Games: Outdoor game is one of the most important things in a child’s life. Outdoor games improve a child’s overall personality. But this type of video game affects participation in outdoor games.

This type of game should be played for entertainment purposes only that too for a less amount of time. Parents need to keep an eye on their children. Video games are not bad if one plays it for just fun and less amount of time but it is the worst if someone gets addicted to video games.

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