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Top 5 Movies and TV Series : Our Top 5 Pick

In recent time, because of the rise of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and many other, the makers are focusing on quantity over quality.  In the middle of so many shows releasing everyday, there are some masterpieces that everyone needs to watch. That’s exactly what we’re talking about today! So, get your popcorn, you’re in for one amazing binge-watch session! In this blog, we will talk about Top 5 movies and tv series that you NEED to watch.

Breaking Bad

Breaking bad is considered to be the greatest show ever made in the history of series. But why?

The show released its first series back in 2018. From 2018 to 2013, this show released total 5 seasons and total 62 episodes. The reason for 62 episodes has an easter egg behind this. In periodic table, 62 number element is Samarium. Samarium is used for lung cancer treatment. Lung cancer is the central point of this series. The main character, Walter White, a serious chemistry teacher finds out that he has lung cancer. To pay the cost for his treatment and ensuring the future of his family, he joins one of his ex-student Jesse Pinkman to make Crystal Meth.

Vince Gilligan is the man behind this masterpiece. He is the director of this series. The way he portrays the characters is beyond imagination. From direction to storytelling, from cinematography to acting everything were perfect in this series and Vince made all these extra-ordinary. Every scene has a value which is connected to other scenes. This series has the best character transformation ever. First character transformation was in Walter White character. His character changed to Heisenburg because of his dominance in the meth business. He cooked the best and pure meth which was rare and also the purity was more than 99.1%. He could have easily left this business and but blue crystal meth boosted his ego and he started to do this again. This makes him from a very mediocre person to an anti-hero.

The other prominent characters like Gus Fring, Hank Scrader, Mike Ehrmantraut, Skinny Pete have a very strong impact in this series. Sometimes you will love these characters and sometimes you will hate. This makes Breaking Bad different from other series.

The episode “Ozimandias” is still the best rated episode ever. It has 10 out of 10 rating in IMDB with more than 132K+ votes. In IMDB Breaking Bad has 9.5/10 reviews, it Rotten Tomatoes it has 96% rating.

That’s why this is in our first pick from top 5 movies and series.

The prequel of Breaking Bad is Better Call Saul. You can consider watching this. Also you can watch the movie El Camino which is a continuation of Breaking Bad.

Don’t miss this masterpiece.


The second pick from our top 5 movies and series is Mindhunter. Mindhunter is one of the most under-rated series of all time. In my opinion, this is the best series that Netflix has ever produced. David Fincher is the man behind this series. This is a man who needs no introduction. He is the man behind Fight Club, Se7en, Gone Girl, Zodiac, The Social Network, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and many more.

The show has total 2 seasons and 19 episodes. It was based on the book “Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit” written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. All the events in this book were real story. This book paved the way of many theories in criminology and law. There are so many schools in criminology like Pre-classical, Classical, Positive and Neo-classical. However, in modern criminology, there are so many factors behind a crime. These factors might be because of biological and psychological. In addition, the great debate between Nature and Nurture also plays an important part here. All these elements are in this series. This series is a study of notorious serial killers and behaviour of these killers. Not only it’s a serious but also it has both education value to understand about crime and criminal. Who doesn’t love crime related stuff?

Sad thing is there won’t be any further seasons of Mindhunter. This is a true masterpiece that Netflix rejected.

The Lord of the Rings

The third pick from our top 5 movies and series is The Lord of the Rings trilogy.This trilogy has total 3 movies.

This trilogy was based on the fantasy novel ‘Lord Of the Rings.’ Without a doubt, this trilogy is the best fantasy movie ever made in the history of cinema. Sir Peter Robert Jackson took this movie series to a whole new level. Even back in 2001 when VFX and making 3Ds were not that popular and was so hard to make, this trilogy excelled in all the aspects of VFX and 3D world. This movie series holds the record of top 20 IMDB movies of all time. Unquestionably, we highly recommend you to watch this movie series.

 Sherlock Holmes

More than a century after first emerging into the fog-bound, gas-lit streets of Victorian London, House No 221 Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes is universally recognizable. Even his wardrobe and accessories are iconic: the Inverness cape, deerstalker hat, and calabash pipe, and figures such as his best friend and housemate Doctor Watson, arch-nemesis Moriarty, and housekeeper Mrs. Hudson have become part of the popular consciousness.

Sherlock Holmes character is popular all over the world. There are many movies and series based on this character. Particularly, we are talking about BBC’s Sherlock Holmes. In this series Benedict Cumberbatch is in the lead character. Benedict is the perfect match for this character as his height, physique match flawlessly. This series have 4 seasons and total 13 episodes. Well, for a weird reason every British series have a less number of episodes and they hardly work on quantity as American series does. But certainly, British series works more on quality. It should be noted that Sherlock Holmes is the perfect example for this one. That’s why this made in our list.

Batman Trilogy

“It’s not who I am underneath,but what I do that defines me”-Bruce Wayne.

“Why do we fall?

So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

“If you are good at something never do it for free.”

“A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy’s shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.”

Did anyone ever think that a superhero movie will have these kinds of line? Superhero movies  are meant to be full of VFX, fight scene and a normal storyline. Indeed, the Batman Trilogy is the complete opposite of this. Christopher Nolan thought to make Batman to a whole new level. Before this trilogy, almost all the batman movies failed and every movie was horrible. However, this trilogy superseded all the movies of batman as well as superhero genre.

The sequence of this trilogy is Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). All these three made it to IMDB top list because of acting, storyline and top-notch quality. Christian Bale played the main role. He is undoubtedly one of the finest method actors in Hollywood. Apart from him Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, both these veterans played their role perfectly. The casting of villain also made this trilogy to a whole new level. Heath Ledger for his legendary Joker role in The Dark Knight got Oscar. We don’t want to put any spoiler regarding the villain names in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises. In conclusion, this trilogy is worth watching.

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