top 5 style mistakes in 2020

Style mistakes you might be making in 2020

Regardless of how à la mode of a person you consider yourself, it’s normal to make one or two style mistakes. Specially, we are all more prone to making mistakes in our individual fashion without even realizing it. Now, if you want to figure out the style mistakes you might be making, then congratulations. You’re in the right place!

5 style mistakes you might be making in 2020

Disclaimer: All of the points are based on the writer’s personal experiences and preferences. We all have different bodies and what works for us might not work for you, and that’s fine! This article is written with the notion to help people recognize their daily fashion mistakes.

In my opinion, your style should be a mode of self-expression. You can always play around with the colours and accessories and choose what suits you the best. The easy hack to being able to carry yourself is you need to pay heed to every little detail of your outfit. We all have different bodies and shapes, and what works for me might not work for you. That’s a part of the process.

Once we get comfortable wearing a particular style of clothes, we tend to ignore the small details of our outfits. These may seem like mere blemishes that no one will notice- however, these details can also create a world of difference. For instance, while a V neck top looks good on a person with narrow shoulders, it is not an ideal neckline for someone with broader shoulders.

Now without further ado, let’s get on to our list of top 5 style mistakes that you might be making in 2020.

Not emphasizing your body proportions while picking an outfit

Body proportion is basically your body shape. I’m talking about the estimations of your body from head to toe. We all have distinct bodies. Some of us are tall, some are shorter, some have broad shoulders, and some have short torsos and so on!

Picking out an outfit
Picking out an outfit

For instance, as I have already mentioned, when you have broader shoulders, V necks are not the ideal neckline for you because they won’t accentuate your shoulders enough. Instead, you can opt for wider necklines. Wearing a wider neck is going to help to make your waistline look smaller. (For more tips and tricks like these, keep an eye on our website!)

So, the point of all this anecdote is thatyou need to understand your body and its shape. Do not jump into some style of clothing because it looks good on your friend! Rather, think about what would go with your body proportions.

Trying to follow the “trend” when you’re clearly uncomfortable.

a girl who is comfortable in her style.

Now, from my perspective, the most important thing about looking stylish is feeling good in what you’re wearing. If I could give you one piece of advice about fashion, it would be: don’t try something that you find absurd because of peer pressure.

Imagine, you purchase something since everybody else is, but it doesn’t truly go together with personal preference. In that case, DROP IT.

You’re meant to feel great in your fashion, in your attires. Don’t force yourself onto something. Let it flow! What makes fashion so enticing to me is that- wearing something that you simply feel comfortable in can elevate your confidence enormously.
While following trends can be fun, it doesn’t necessarily have to look forceful. In my book of style instructions, comfort comes first!

Ill fitted pants

The twenty-something years of my life have gone by trying to find pants that fit well. And I know for a matter of fact that I’m not the only one in this!

well fitted jeans

Bottoms are more important than you think. If you’re a denim person, like me, you already know how big of a struggle it is to find a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly.

Wearing pants that don’t fit well can make you look sluggish as if it’s a cry for help. And trust me on this, it is only going to make your style game weaker. Now the question is, how to find the best-fitted bottoms? In all honesty, after a thousand years of research, I have come to the point that there is no accurate way to find the best-fitted pants. It merely depends on your LUCK!

However, the good news is: you can always alter them!

What I do is: I purchase pants larger than my actual size and then refit/alter them according to my preference.  

Here is a tutorial on how you can refit and resize your pants/denim at home:

Now, this brings us to our next point, which is-

Printed pants

Tight floral pants

Okay so here’s a harsh reality check: it’s 2020, and fitted printed pants are just not the vibe you want to go for. Tight printed bottoms take away attention from your entire outfit and accentuate your lower body. These prints on your lower part of the body look busy and over ornated. And I’ll say this: they just generally don’t look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

However, printed outfits and bottoms are still VERY cute and gives off a complete beach vibe. So, if you want to go for printed bottoms, instead go for the ones that are flowy and wide-legged (preferably high waisted too!).

high waisted printed pants

Also, an addition tip. I don’t know if y’all have noticed but, clothing pieces with larger prints look a lot more breathable than that of the ones with small prints. So, now you know what to choose.


Not accessorizing enough/overdoing it.

Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to pair an accessory with your outfit. Adding an accessory with your dress can make it look much more fashionable. It takes away the blandness from your attires.

My go-to accessory is wristwatches. You can pair your wristwatch with a few wristbands or bracelets.

A special tip for the ladies: including some kind of golden jewellery/accessory with your outfit is always a plus. Golden goes with almost all colours of outfits. However, make sure you don’t go over the top. Learn to maintain a balance. Minimalism is in, and it is beautiful.

On an endnote, the only way to look fashionable is to feel comfortable in your skin. There’s no time better than this to point out your style mistakes. And improve the way you represent yourself to the world. It’s all a process of understanding ourselves better and understanding our bodies. Your body is your paragon. Make sure you do justice to it!

Nusrat Nuzairah
Nusrat is your ideal couch potato who loves to paint- with colors, and also her words!