Hijab-Friendly Outfits for You to Rock This Year

A hijab is a scarf that one usually wears to cover their head and neck. The hijab vs burka difference is pretty simple, the hijab covers only the head and sometimes chest portion of your body whereas a burka covers it from head to toe. If you’re someone who wears a hijab, you must know how difficult it is to find an outfit that goes a hundred percent with the hijab style you want to pair it up with. If you’re looking for hijab-friendly outfit ideas that are easy to style, this is the right article for you! Check out some of these options and choose the best one for you.

Image via Pexels

1. Hijab With Tops

In this photo, we can see the girl wearing a black hijab on her head with a plaid black and white top. Just like that, you can throw on a hijab of any color matched with your tops to create a simple and elegant look. Try to match your hijab with at least one color from your top to recreate a similar look. Take a look at some different varieties of hijabs here.

Image via Pexels

2. A Day in Paris

Do you wish to wear an outfit that gives you Parisian vibes but is not sure if a hijab would suit? Well, this look is a game changer for you. Here the girl is wearing a full-sleeved top with a long button-down skirt. She paired it up with black boots, so chic! Her hijab is in a nude shade and she topped it off with a fuzzy beret hat. This is the perfect outfit for your Paris-inspired theme.

Image via Unsplash

3. Hijab and Denim

Who says you cannot create a modest hijab look with a pair of jeans? In this photo, we can see a woman wearing a white shirt halfway tucked inside a pair of straight-leg jeans, styled with a brown leather belt. She wore a brown printed bandana scarf on her head as a hijab and added a pair of black rounded sunglasses. For the bag, she went with a graphic tote bag and she’s serving looks. You can also create an outfit with mom jeans since they are a bit loose-fitted and go well with hijab looks.

Image via Pexels

4. The Minimal Queen 

Are you a fan of minimalistic looks? This outfit fits the genre perfectly. Here the woman is wearing a heavy chiffon hijab in nude color with a white lace top. She kept it simple by choosing light colors. For jewelry, she wore gold rings and earrings. She even wore a gold bracelet on her right hand. The ideal way to stack rings is to wear them on both hands instead of wearing them all in just one. This is such a well-organized look. Want to learn how to style chiffon hijabs effortlessly? Here’s a quick tutorial just for you.

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5. Traveling in Style 

While travelling we need to take care of our comfort along with style. Here the woman is wearing a brown button-down dress with a black top and a pair of pants. Her hijab and underscarf are also black. For accessories, she wore a gold layered coin necklace, gold hoop earrings over her hijab, and a pair of leopard-printed sunglasses. Lastly, she tossed a black crocodile textured saddlebag over her shoulder. Make your travels even better with amazing outfits.

Image via Pexels

6. The Office Look

Who says office looks are boring? This outfit is the perfect semi-formal look that you can try out at your workplace. The woman in this photo is wearing a full-sleeved white top with pale yellow tiger stripes. She wore a nude-colored hijab with it and a light sage green colord blazer set. The floral purple and yellow tote bag add a little bit of dimension to it and the cream-colored sneakers tones it down creating a balance between them. 

Choosing the right outfit is always a big decision, but hopefully, this article gave you some ideas as to what should be your next outfit with a hijab. You can also switch between different hijab types to bring variations. This is your sign to recreate hijab looks this year. 

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