The Self-care starter pack

Have you ever wondered why self-care is so important? In a capitalistic world like ours, we are always running behind getting success out of everything we do. But, what if the actual success is a moment of relief, a cup of morning tea, or maybe an episode from your favourite show?

Note: If you’re reading this, this is a reminder for you to take some time off, breathe, and let the worries go.

Take a break for your self care

We live in a society where mental illness, or even speaking about any emotional stress is seen as a stigma. We would keep all our worries deep within ourselves and put a smiley face on.  However, now the times have changed. From various NGOs to social media platforms, we are trying to normalize discussions and taking proactive actions against mental illness. And to me, that is where the idea of “self-care” derives from.

While we are mingled with so much work, a constant grind towards success, and “what will people think?” Why not try to slot a certain time a day when we cut off all the toxic energies around us for the sake of ourselves? Why not take some time and show a gesture of self-care, just one time, a day?

And that’s exactly what a “self-care starter pack” is about. Self-care means different things to different people. It comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes. And, let me tell you this- it is crucial. It may seem ludicrous to get a quiet minute to ourselves- we must prioritize it. So, here are five ways you can show yourself some kindness:

Be selective about who you socialize with.

The people around you impact your mental well-being more than you can imagine. So while you can, be mindful about who you spend your energy on. Some people are always going to find a way to misunderstand and misinterpret everything you say. So, we must surround ourselves with people who impact our lives positively.

Learn to say no. 

One thing that we need to acknowledge is that: It is okay to say no. Self-care does not mean you have to do it all together. If you don’t want to go to a party, talk to someone, or receive someone’s call- guess what? That’s okay. Acknowledge it, embrace it. We have to stop the habit of being a people pleaser

Find your fun activity

Self-care does not have any tutorial or flowchart of steps. It is different for different people. What I’m implying here is, find that one thing that makes you happy. For me, I get immense joy from cleaning my room and doodling. These two are very random activities, but with time, I’ve realized how much these help me to elevate my mood.

Practice mindfulness

As they say, “A mind is a powerful tool.” So we better learn a way to put it to work and divert our thoughts and energy towards positivity. The importance of practicing mindfulness is so diverse, and it impacts our lives in so many ways we fail to understand. We are our worst critics. Human beings tend to judge themselves critically before anyone else does. And that’s when practicing mindfulness can come to help. It helps us to focus on what we are feeling, leaving behind all the critical judgments that we have on ourselves. There are various websites and apps, for instance, Calm, Mindvalley that can help you to practice mindfulness. Other than these, you can also watch various meditation and breathing exercise tutorials that can help you in this regard.

Create healthy habits.

Lastly, one of the most important things to show ourselves some care and love is – creating healthy habits. A strain of healthy habits can impact our emotional state so much. Maintaining a routine, following a diet, exercising from time to time, might seem boring to some of us. But its effects are diverse.

We need to focus on how to create healthier habits. It is time we stop romanticizing negativity and start romanticizing our lives. Things may sometimes be rough, but there is always room for betterment. And finding the key to the room of betterment is what self-care is. There are various apps and websites that can help you to track your habits. For example, myfitnesspal, healthdirect, zero.

It makes me so happy to see that today people are speaking up against these stigmas. And talking about mental health and our well-being is highly appreciated. In a busy world like ours, there is still a ray of hope. There is always room for humanity and improvement. Self-care is important. If you don’t take care of yourself first, then who will?

Nusrat Nuzairah
Nusrat is your ideal couch potato who loves to paint- with colors, and also her words!