When in doubt, Hug your cat!

Today (June 4th) is National Hug Your Cat Day. Yes, there is a whole day dedicated to hugging cats.

Cats are probably the most popular choice for a pet. Yet, they are considered to be the brattiest ones as well.

They are cold and demanding. And they don’t let you cuddle them easily. Oftentimes being affectionate towards them might end up in you getting scratches and bites.

Despite all of that they remain the first choice when it comes to pets. Simply because cats are just walking meowing furry balls of love & comfort to cat lovers.
However asocial they might be, these felines provide a feeling to their owner that is incomparable to anything else.

Cats might just be the superior pets to have & here’s why

They are Great Companions

Cats make the ideal companions for anyone. These felines do whatever you want them to do. They go where you take them. And these small balls of fur will never tell you that they are not in the mood. Even when you come up with spontaneous plans. Hence you never have to be alone because your cat will always be with you.

They are easier to look after

Cats are easier to look after in comparison to other pets. They don’t need you to take them out on daily walks and the short-haired varieties have low grooming needs. Cats also don’t need your constant attention as they are pretty independent compared to other animals. They give you your space as you do chores and don’t make any fuss.

Cats clean themselves

Cats have a fastidious grooming routine, which helps keep them clean and free from any odors. Which means they are always tidy and you can cuddle them whenever you want without having to worry about smelling afterwards.

Cats help people live longer

Cats have real therapeutic ability. So much so, that they can even make you live longer. Having a cat improves your health. It is a proven fact that cat owners are less likely to suffer from anxiety and stress. Hugging your cat reduces anxiety and makes you feel calmer. And hug your cat day is the perfect day to give them a warm hug.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Cats make you more active

Cats are rather playful. They love chasing balls, small objects or anything that moves basically. Keeping up with them and playing with them makes their owners more active and fit. In fact, playing with a cat helps with migraines in children and preteens.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Purr Power

When you affectionately scratch a cat, it results in them purring. The purr has been proven to have therapeutic benefits. It slows the heart rate, reducing the risk of heart disease, speeds up the healing of broken bones and wounds, and reduces blood pressure fluctuations.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Hugging your cat helps as antidepressant

Hugging your cat releases endorphins, which can be good for health – especially for those suffering from depression. It has been proven in studies that cats alleviate depression in humans more than other pets do. A cat’s simple, uncomplicated companionship is very soothing to anyone.

Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

Hugs help with cat’s health

Cats have greater health when given the appropriate amount of physical affection. Showing your cat that you care for them in a physical way is very important for single-cat households. Cats with their environment in a very touchy-feely and scenting way. Gentle hugging and petting have shown to help ill cat’s symptoms to improve, encourage them to eat, and become less stressed while staying in a medical facility for treatment.

Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

Hugging your cat creates an unbreakable bond

Gentle interaction is very much needed when a new kitty enters your house. A slow comforting hug will reassure your new addition that they are safe and loved in their new household. It helps them feel secure with their surroundings and helps create a bond that cannot be severed.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

Cats make the best memes

As a meme-obsessed youth, I can safely say that cats make the best meme faces of all time. From the age-old grumpy cat to the screaming woman vs screaming cat to newer video compilations, they have provided us with the best meme materials for generations. And if that doesn’t make them superior then I don’t know what does.

So go ahead, on this hug your cat day give yours a gentle hug (if they let you) and let them know they are your best friends for life.

Atiha Tasnim
Bibliophile with unconditional love for travelling and nature