Winter Wardrobe Essentials

The coldest month of the year has arrived, and we can’t wait to pull out some of the best winter pieces we have been waiting to style all year. My favourite part of winter is the calmness that it brings to nature. It’s the smell of freshly brewed coffee, that chocolatey caramel smell that makes our appetites soar, and the overall atmosphere that lets us create more and more beautiful memories.

Every fashion enthusiast tries to create a statement with their outfits every time this season comes. It’s all about the game of layering and how effortlessly you can style every piece of the article without DOING TOO MUCH.

However, before making your “Outfit game strong”, you need to start with some basics. These are some staple pieces that might help you elevate your style. Here is my take on some winter wardrobe essentials. 


Let’s start from the bottom. There’s a wise saying, “Judge a man by his shoes,” and I somewhat agree with this statement. A person’s shoes can tell a lot about the person. Shoes can make or break an outfit. So, the shoes must be coherent with the outfit you plan to wear.

Knee-high boots are a must in winter, preferably black ones. They can, firstly, save you from the cold outside by keeping your legs warm. Secondly, they work as a statement. A good pair of knee-high boots will cost you roughly 2k or higher. It seems expensive, but it’s always wiser to invest in a good couple of articles once than to buy them repetitively every two years. 

Other than knee-high boots, ankle boots are also very trendy. You can wear them with almost every attire, long dresses, short dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, baggy jeans, everything. It is a subtle way to express that you’ve given effort without saying it. An ankle boot would still keep you warm, and it looks best when paired with leather jackets. ( yes, I will talk about leather jackets, don’t worry, best friend, I got you ^^ ). Ankle boots are a bit cheaper than knee-high boots but would still cost you 1500bdt to 2k if you want to invest in a good one. The latest 2022 winter fashion styling will only amaze you.

Stockings/ Tights

Tights or stockings always help to make any outfit a bit fancier. They work as accessories, along with keeping you warm. Imagine wearing a plain black bodycon dress with sheer stockings beneath, automatically creating an oomph factor of the whole outlook. Fishnets are my personal favourites because you can dress them down with baggy jeans over, or you can dress them up with a mini skirt. In winter, layering with stockings is a smart move and saves you from the cold breeze. You can find good quality stockings under 1k here in Bangladesh.


Technically, it is not “winter essential, ” but I believe it is an “essential” item that everyone must have in their closet. Different varieties of belts are available in the market-wide black buckle belts, white plain belts, thin brown belts, corset belts, tie-up boho belts, and so much more. You can give shape to any baggy top, even dresses using belts. Belts work wonders on fantastic curvier silhouettes. They extenuate the curves so elegantly. Even corsets are an excellent addition to your closet. I believe a corset over a top provides structure and attaches a sense of confidence too. Belts and corsets can range from a hundred bucks to eight hundred and beyond.

Leather pants

It’s a classic winter item; not everyone can pull it off. You can quickly go overboard with leather pants, making the entire outlook tacky and not so elegant. So, remember, when styling leather pants, minimalism is key. If you’re wearing leather pants, try to omit very bedazzled tops, avoid wearing patterns, and do not use a leather belt on top of leather pants. Since leather pants are mostly skintight, try pairing them with loose-fit tops. Any solid-colour top would look good; crop tops even. After all, a little bit of skin never does any harm. Moreover, it also gives you breathing space so that nothing looks so uptight.

Leather pants can be very uncomfy to wear for some people. Come on, we all remember the iconic scene of Ross. So, we must spend our money on a good pair of leather pants with some underlining. It is easier to put on and take off that way. And trust me, good quality leather pants can last a couple of winters.


Skirts are never out of style, trust me. It’s never “not a good day to wear a skirt”. But it would be best if you were a bit more specific regarding which style and shaped skirts look good on you. Anyways, I believe everyone should own a long pencil skirt, it’s a simple piece, but it never goes wrong. You can wear tights underneath in the winter season, patterned tops, and turtle necks. Plaid skirts are in trend right now, giving a y2k vibe; even if you don’t like the preppy style, you can still wear a plaid skirt as a touch of colour in your one otherwise monotonous outfit.

You can style pleated skirts with one-colour tops, you can also wear faux leather skirts to jazz up a little at a party.

Turtle necks and more

This one item could fit the entire article. Turtle necks have always been everyone’s favourite in the winter season. They are comfy and so easy to style. You can wear them with baggy jeans, skinny jeans, flared pants, formal pants, leather pants, skirts, shorts, everything. You can even style them under spaghetti dresses. It is tough to style a turtle neck wrong. You can add vests and jackets over turtle necks too. It’s a simple way to make a statement with little to no effort.

Everyone seemed to like ribbed square-neck tops lately. They are also an excellent addition to your wardrobe if you tire of turtle necks. Honestly, you can practically use these two genres of tops to style your every outfit throughout the winter season. Square neck tops are generally flattering to those who have comparatively broader shoulders. I’d suggest first adding two basic colors turtle necks and ribbed tops in your closet- black and white. And then start adding baby blue, maroon, and emerald green as you may wish.

Sweatshirts and Sweatsets

Having a set of something is easier than putting together an outfit with individual pieces of clothing. Sweatshirts and sweat sets can be your everyday “running errands” outfit without overthinking. If you want to hang with your homies in your local coffee shop but don’t wanna look overdressed, just hop on a sweat set, and you’re good to go. It’s suitable when you’re staying at your friends’ place, enjoying the cosy ambience, and enjoying a movie. Sweatshirts are trendy among both teenagers and Millennials. I guess both generations prefer comfort over anything.

Bodycon dress:

You must have in your wardrobe a timeless black bodycon dress. It’s the epitome of elegance. You can dress it down by wearing a denim jacket or an overcoat, making it a bit casual. No matter how you tend you wear it and how you intend to accessorize, a bodycon dress will always make you look chic and glamorous. Be it a movie night out, a date with your partner, or even a Christmas eve party, a bodycon never fails to make you the centre of attraction.

Coats and jackets

I have a love-hate relationship with bomber jackets. My personal belief is, they look better on men in general. They somehow look baggy and unflattering on most women. But if your aesthetic is street-style or non-preppy, you can own a good-quality bomber jacket. However, ensure the sleeve length and height are suitable for your dimensions.

Faux leather jackets give a confidence boost to anyone. It has this intimidating nature that works in favour of most people. Leather jackets provide an edgy vibe. People want to be taken seriously, and a single piece of clothing can help someone achieve that. It is my favourite, and I’d never hesitate to chip in some extra bucks for a good-quality faux leather jacket.

One winter essential is a denim jacket. Even though denim is all season, denim jackets are most appropriate for winter. The breathable fabric does not restrict airflow; therefore, it’s suitable for countries where the cold isn’t that extreme. Stretchy types of denim are comfortable and can last four years if appropriately restored.

If you’re like me, you’ve saved every trench coat picture in your Pinterest feed, and hey, it’s completely normal. Everything about a good old classic caramel colour trench coat feels just right. It’s certainly not an essential in your wardrobe but trust me, you’d never regret this addition to your closet. You can wear it over a dress, a turtle neck, or any top, even with leather pants and a pleated skirt. Even you can wear the coat as a dress itself. Everything fits so right with it. You can accessorize it with a pair of shades and a scarf around your neck. The entire aura is premium and screams luxury without breaking the bank. 

Can you start your winter mornings without hopping into your most comfortable hoodie? You can’t, right? It’s parallel to your winter morning tea. The hood provides extra shelter so that your ears don’t get cold. I firmly believe that even if you do not own any of the above items listed in this article, you own a hoodie.

So, these were my top pick essential items for winter. Please let me know which ones are your favourite. Do you own all of them already? Comment below your winter must-haves. And for more articles like this, keep your eyes on thewebcapitals.