Detox your soul
An all-inclusive guide on how to detox your soul.

An All-inclusive Guide on How to Detox Your Soul

We’ve thought up an all-inclusive guide on how to detox your soul because dealing with the world, dealing with your world, that never really matches up exactly to your needs piles up on your soul and weighs it down. We hope this guide helps lift some of that weight so you can live a little better.

Told apart by lifestyles and kindred as souls.

The author, herself.

You think happiness is an illusion? Can’t remember the last time you felt inspired or experienced something cathartic? Mistaking negativity for reality? Feeling too much or nothing at all? Too spiteful of yourself and/or others? You try to be more mindful but end up saying irresponsible things, that you eventually regret? Well, we absolutely do not hate to break it down to you that you need to detox your soul.

Take the decluttering challenge!

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You know exactly where everything is in the pool of mess that is your room? That’s because, even though your room looks messy, everything is perfectly in order inside your brain. So, kudos to you, no one knows how much (stress, drama, stuff) you can handle better than you do! For the rest of us though, physical clutter can cause anxiety and stress. You can start decluttering by minimizing your possessions and keeping only the things that still add value to your life. This will also be an advancement in breaking free from unhealthy attachments to objects (and people) that do no good for you.  To detox your soul and sustain it, you need to control the clutter that enters your brain. Unfollow the accounts that don’t add anything positive to your life, unsubscribe from unnecessary promotional emails, get your inbox to zero and make sure it stays there, delete phone numbers of people you don’t talk to and shouldn’t anymore, become selectively social, do as much as you can to minimize your exposure to things that you know aren’t good for you.

Say ‘Hi’ to your emotions.

Get in touch with your emotons to detox your soul
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An alarming number of us frit away from confronting and processing the unfortunate things that happen to us because we are wary of how it might affect us (If there’s nothing I can do to fix it; will I be able to accept it and move on?). But, to speak the truth, it affects us anyway. If you don’t let yourself feel what you’re supposed to feel in a certain circumstance, your unaddressed emotions will grow branches and influence how you live your life and you won’t even be able to tell that they’re doing that. The longer you avoid them, the harder it gets later in life to trace back and understand what caused you to take certain decisions, do certain things, that you can’t explain. Cry, feel angry, be disappointed with yourself and others, but don’t restrain them, look away, and pretend that they don’t exist. Make a plan, ask a friend to be with you while you go through with it, discuss it with a therapist if you think you should, but let your legitimate emotions flourish and detox your soul, to have more personal control over your life.

Alarm clockCheck your list of ‘Things to worry about!’

Worry just enough to detox your soul
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Neither worrying too little nor worrying too much is too good for your soul. You should worry about things to make sure that you aren’t forgetting to deal with something. So, you might as well keep a list of things to worry about and keep up with the things that bug you during the day. However, you’ll never be able to declutter your mind if you keep worrying about things 24/7. Keeping time aside, say 20 minutes, and a list of things to worry about is as much balance as you can find when it comes to worrying.

Be productive in a personal context.

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Mind you, not doing anything for a while, if it doesn’t hurt anyone, is fine; we’re not referring to your contribution to the GDP here anyway. Being aware of the bigger picture of your life and how everything contributes to it, is relevant for figuring out how to detox your soul. We’re not asking you to come up with specific long-term goals for your life; for now, simply wanting to be happy is enough. Understanding how things add up to or take away from your goals makes it easier to achieve them. For instance, if you appreciate objectivity, because you want to be in perspective, seek for it in people by being objective yourself or respectfully communicating your preference. This won’t always work, which is why you will often have to mindfully reject the substance of some interactions. If such interactions grow intolerable, you can avoid them altogether; as long as you’re sure it won’t grow into social anxiety and prejudice. It’s true that no matter how keen you are about what enters your brain, some things and people will disappoint you. And when that happens, it’s okay to feel angry, but don’t let that anger actively jeopardize your livelihood in the long-run. Learn from the experience, and let go; how does holding grudges make anything better?

Walk in their shoes.

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When you empathise with the people in your life and modify your interactions and feelings towards them accordingly, the level of complications in your life reduces remarkably. Empathy is very functional and it’s about time that you used your empathy for others to empathise with yourself. Hold yourself accountable, but forgive yourself for things you would forgive others for. Don’t say hurtful things to yourself, that you won’t want anyone else to say to themselves; that you won’t say to someone else. Love yourself the way you think others should love themselves.

There’s so much!

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This article primarily tried to give you tips that you most likely haven’t received elsewhere, or at least not in the same approach. But there’s a whole lot more that you can do to detox your soul! We’ll walk you through some tips, that you’ve probably already heard of, that the author attests to as effective.

  • Eat healthily – proper nutrition helps every function in our body.
  • Involve yourself in tech-free activities – pottery, exercise, cooking, walking in nature, etc, increase the presence of mind.
  • Find a job you enjoy – make the most of your time in what takes up the most of your time.
  • Be kind randomly – acts of kindness release serotonin; the key hormone associated with feelings of well-being.
  • Uplift others – we see our own reflections in others, you’ll feel uplifted soon after uplifting someone else.
  • Pick up on old passions and hobbies – give a chance to things you once enjoyed; reclaim your groove.
  • Devote time to self-care – you’ve got you better than anyone else.
  • Be around people who make you happy – laughter is medicine.
  • Express gratitude – it will reset your mind, especially during difficult times.

If you know you’re a hot mess, you’ve already made progress in pacing up your life. Don’t let the desperation to bring changes to your life grow into self-deprecation; you’ve already recognized the messiness of your life and that’s a start.

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