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Covid-19 Myths: The most circulated whatsApp forwards.

The amount of myths about COVID-19 that has been circulating the internet is uncanny. Innumerous people are talking, writing, and sharing information about the disease. One small piece of misinformation can turn into a great deal of superstition.

A disease like covid-19 is something that we have never witnessed before in our lives. It is conventional that people are curious and want to learn more about what’s the deal with it. But a lot of the time, online news portals, social media users spread a complete lie and create terror in the hearts of the people. This kind of activity is not only highly unethical but also affects the mental health of thousands of people. 

The top 10 most circulated myths about novel coronavirus 

To break the myth cycle, we have prepared a list of the most circulated COVID-19 myths that we have come across at least once over the last ten months.

Myth #01: Human beings/ Chinese people created the Novel Coronavirus. 

So, for the first of the list of COVID-19 myths, we have one of the most controversial statements made this year: Covid-19 is manmade.

The veracity of this statement is zero. On top of that, this is a very racist remark to make against Chinese people. There were several allegations against the Chinese Government regarding this matter. However, down the months, the arguments turned out to be pretty baseless. 

Myth #02: Vitamin supplements can cure coronavirus disease.

Vitamin C, D, and zinc are essential for a healthy body. Doctors recommend these vitamin supplements to help patients build a strong immune system. However, there is no proof that these supplements can cure coronavirus disease. 

Myth #03: You can protect yourself by bathing with disinfectants. 

We should never spray or bath with disinfectants as these substances are poisonous and can damage our skin. Rather, use disinfectants and bleaching powder to disinfect commodities/objects when we bring them inside our home from the mall. 

Myth #04: COVID-19 does not spread in warm temperature. 

Covid-19 can spread regardless relentlessly of how warm the weather is. Countries that have relatively warmer weather also have reported cases of coronavirus. So, we should maintain the precautions the same way regardless of the weather. 

Myth #05: COVID-19 only infects older people. 

People of all age ranges can get sick by COVID-19. This disease does not discriminate against people based on their age, gender, religion, or clan. A child of 2 years old can be infected by COVID-19 the same way a 65-year-old person can. 

Myth #06: Antibiotics prevent COVID-19. 

As we await the vaccine for COVID-19, many specialists are prescribing antibiotics as a preventive measure for the disease. However, because COVID-19 is a virus, antibiotics are not the most pertinent prevention. 

Myth #07: Holding your breath for ten seconds straight means you can never get infected by COVID-19. 

Remember that time of the year, when people were talking about the WhatsApp forward that s

aid being able to hold your breath for more than 10 seconds means you do not have COVID-19?

Let me confirm the validity of this statement: NADA!

Firstly, COVID-19 has a range of symptoms, for instance, fever, dry cough, body ache, headache, sore throat, and more. Different people develop different symptoms, some people may have a dry cough, some may not. It would be easier for someone who does not have a dry cough to hold their breath for a longer time. But that certainly does not mean they are not infected. 

So, the best way to check if you have COVID-19 or not is to get tested.

Myth #08: Drinking turmeric milk can prevent COVID-19.

Turmeric milk may be a great solution to problems in South Asian households. However, COVID-19 ain’t one of them. It is the most recommended to get medical help and follow a doctor’s advice when you test positive for the infectious disease. 

Myth #09: Wearing facemasks for too long can cause carbon dioxide intoxication. 

Yes, wearing face masks for a long time can be confining and uncomfortable. However, as confirmed by The World Health Organization, wearing facemasks for an extended period can not cause carbon dioxide intoxication or oxygen deficiency. 

Myth #10: The Coronavirus disease itself is a hoax. 

You heard it right, after ten months of fighting a global pandemic there are still people who believe the entire scenario of covid-19 is a hoax

The wrath of covid 19 has reached about 215 countries. It infected approximately 39,800,000 people, and more than 1 million people have passed away. Let me confirm this: the tedious COVID-19 is not a hoax, and it is very much real. Millions of people have gotten infected and continue to get infected still. The world is paused, and in no way can this be a hoax. 

On a final note, regardless of the myths about COVID-19, it is crucial to stay safe during this time of crisis. Remember to take necessary precautions, for instance, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, wearing a mask, carry a sanitizer wherever you go, maintain social distancing at public places, maintain quarantine, and the list goes on. In a situation like this, think about your loved ones and their health before taking any steps. 

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