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Tips For International Students: The Necessities

Tips for international students are countless on the internet. There is no guarantee that all the tips will work for everyone since there is no one-size-fits-all rule. Although, there are some tips that are sometimes necessary to ensure that everyday basic activities are performed successfully.

The journey of an international student is an eventful one. Depending on your country of origin and the country where your academic institution is situated, there is the issue of adjusting to the change in weather. Usually, that is something that worries international students. The fear of not being able to adjust. This fear is applicable to other issues as well; the fear of not being able to adjust to the culture, the fear of not being able to adjust with their monthly budget and so on. This article aims to diminish those fears by giving tips for international students.

P.S.: These are not set guidelines or tips for an international student which tells how they should perfectly lead their lives abroad. Rather these are just opinions of an individual who in their own journey has learned a lot of valuable lessons. 

Precaution Against New Weather In An Unfamiliar Country

When moving to a new country, it is always of paramount importance that you research extensively on its weather if you are not familiar with it beforehand. While this may seem like a trivial task and simple too, it is not. With the effects of global warming now more transparent than ever, it is important to see how the weather trends have changed in countries recently. After researching, it is a good idea to take some clothes that are weather appropriate in the country you are going to. But, do not make the mistake of considering using those clothes in the long run. 

See, those clothes will certainly help you. But they will do so for the short run. This is because the cleaning products used in the country of education may not be suitable for the fabric of the clothes you take from your country. Chances are that they will wear them down. As a result, you need to buy clothes that are being sold in your country of education. 

An Important Skill: Budgeting

Going abroad to study teaches an individual invaluable life lesson. The most important of them all is preparing a financial budget and maintaining it. For some, it is the first time in their lives that they are getting such financial freedom at a young age. Others, find it more of familiar territory. For them, kudos. You are well experienced in such an important life skill. 

For those who are not so experienced, fret not. Everyone starts from somewhere

The foundation of budgeting requires noting down the absolute necessities which requires payment. Such necessities are rent for your accommodation, payment for your utilities and most important of them all, money for your food expenses. Usually, students have the first two nailed down. 


The issue arises from the money needed for food expenses. And it is no fault of the students either. Food is a necessary good, in demand all the time and therefore expensive. Especially foods that are good in their nutritional value are even more expensive

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Ready-made, on-the-snacks are pricey. The reason for that is that you are getting food (an aforementioned necessary good) and at the same time, you are getting it immediately at the time of asking. You do not need to go grocery shopping, toil in the kitchen, and clean cooking pots. Since they are saving you time, fast foods are so pricey. Yes, it is the same everywhere, even in your home country but if you are trying to maintain a budget in a foreign country, then it becomes troublesome. 

People might say, “Why do you not just prepare home-cooked meals then?”. The matter is not that simple as students most of the time, fail to find the time to cook since they are engulfed by the pressure of assignments and exams. 

But does this mean, there is no hope for students who want to maintain their food budget and simultaneously save time? Absolutely not!

For those who are looking to improve your time management skills, you can refer to our piece focused on this very attribute.

Using Free University Resources

Your university might also have food drives going around campus. They take place so that students do not go hungry. It is a well-advertised resource in all international universities. But unfortunately, very few students take advantage of it. They feel embarrassed because they do not want to be known as someone who is needy or has run out of money to buy food. There is no need to feel that way because student food drives exist for the students a.k.a YOU. And, they provide good, healthy and nutritious food too. So make sure that you use this resource. 

Also, when you are out grocery shopping, look out for deals. Most grocery shops abroad have student deals and discounts available at least once a week. At first, savings made on a single purchase might not seem much but come to the end of the month, the accumulated savings will be immense. 

The Great Opportunity To Socially Network

When going to study abroad, you are not just going to study there, as ironic as it sounds. You are also going to garner new experiences. And new experiences are garnered by meeting new people. People with different ethnicities, religions, cultural upbringings and political beliefs etc. These are the people who will help you mature as an individual. 

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For some people, the prospect of being acquainted with new people is a frightening one. And, it is okay to feel like that. We have all been there but understanding the importance of this prospect is key to overcoming the frightening feeling. 

Networking opens many doors in the future both in our personal and professional lives and it would be imprudent to not do it during our academic years. Years, which are significant chapters of our growth.

These are our tips for an international student and we hope it helps individuals looking for advice.