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Being Misunderstood: I said, “I am Groot!”

This article is not about the Marvel comic character from Guardians of the Galaxy who we ADORE!
This article is not about the Marvel comic character from Guardians of the Galaxy who we ADORE!

You ever feel like nobody understands what you say? Or, are you being misunderstood often? In the literal sense that you speak and all that the other person hears is “I am Groot”

This leads to stress, anxiety, fear of speaking up, irritated behaviour towards others and so much more. Either you could be talking at a speed of 150 wpm (words per minute) or you could be having a hard time articulating your words. There could be numerous reasons why you are misunderstood. I always have a hard time organizing my words! 

Here are some situations that could describe your ideal “I am Groot” 

Teaching Professionals

I presume that all teachers have to talk a lot because their sole job is to instruct, explain, discuss and repeat. And I’m sure that every time you say “Is that understood?” you get point blank stares from clueless pairs of eyes. What students hear as the summary of a 2 hour class lecture

“…So I am Groot and when you have the I am Groot and you find the I am Groot there you can start your I am Groot

This can happen at any level of educational institutes as well as in any learning environment. Students can only concentrate on a certain activity or process information feeding for 10-12 minutes at once. Gradually they lose their attention as the lecture goes on.  

Public Speakers

You connect with the audience instantly and engage them in your speech. But sometimes the reaction is not what you expected had they understood your disquisition. Was your topic too complex to explain in simple terms? Did you use too many fancy words that decorate the English dictionary but remain unused in our vocabulary? 

Big fancy words that do not make sense to a listener, or a reader!
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You tell your kids “NO” and they hear “YES””. The most basic and relatable “I am Groot” feeling is observed in parenthood. Tiny humans (toddlers to 10-year-olds) barely understand complex instructions, they are cute and silly in their own ways. So if they misinterpret your words, it is forgiven. I guess. Rebellious teens, the situation in their case is they face the “I am Groot” feeling too. Regardless, parents probably have a tough time making them understand the different complexities of society. Parents probably feel this way when they can’t express their concerns in a way children are ready to accept.

Medical Professionals

When doctors or nurses try to explain a process of surgery or other medical examination they talk very slowly and carefully. Clarifying the dangers, outcomes and side effects of the course of action. Otherwise it’s a hot mess! If the patient misunderstands even the slightest, there is going to be commotion. Maybe you were explaining the surgery in medical terms, which a common man is not familiar with. So all they understand is,

“…the surgery is a I am Groot where we will use the I am Groot method and take your  I am Groot out and replace it with I am Groot” 

If you have a hard time communicating with your listener, you might belong to one of these groups of people. The goal is to simplify and deliver!

Other situations are when you feel  something strongly and cannot interpret it into the right words and form a meaningful conversation. Let’s take a look at these feelings of “I am Groot”

You are too Excited

This happens. It happens when your favourite band drops a new album and you are lost for words. It happens when a Netflix show is made based on one of your favourite books and you can’t help but spill the spoilers. This happens when you just notice your crush double-tapped your Instagram picture. 

You become so excited that you start talking crazily with sentences that barely make sense to all the non-fans out there. You could be happily speeding through your description of how dreamy your crush is to your friend. And unfortunately, they just don’t get it. All they hear from their end is “I am Groot!” repeatedly and quite excitedly.

You are too Angry

A certain situation got a rise out of you and you have to be ranting to someone. Oftentimes, you will end up yelling and emphasising on the unfair situation. Your opinions might not be acknowledged hence you will try to debate more. But the person or persons you are talking to just won’t understand what you mean. They might continue to neglect your reasoning. Hence, the “I am Groot” situation.

The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as the art of being heard.

William Hazlitt

You are Flustered

Word vomit. I know, not a pretty phrase and neither is the action of it. Honestly, if i see someone who is flustered and starts spewing random talk, I just want to divert the topic for them ASAP and wish they would forget about it. 

This situation can be a bit embarrassing as you are too discomposed 

You want to Explain Every Detail

I have so much respect for those people who remember the smallest details, you have mad memory power! No wonder you want to talk about how your neighbour was wearing green pants that day three weeks ago when you took the short way home from your childhood friend’s house which is near the blue building next to the pizza place. PHEW…..!! All those details and none of it matters to the listener. You try to recall why you mentioned the short way home and your listener is trying to figure out why someone would EVER wear green pants. Typical “I am Groot” setting which blurs out the key point of conversation. 

Apart from these, there are times when you really want someone to understand you, but you don’t want to put the words in their mouth. So you end up feeling restless and maybe even sad.

The Root of “I am Groot” 

There are some key factors which could be where the “I am Groot” condition is stemming from. Instead of psychoanalyzing everything just remember people have different ways of socializing. Not everyone talks at the same speed or mentions key details or is absolutely sure of their information. 

  • Lack of Confidence:

 Sometimes you will feel unsure of your speech delivery. Doubting yourself is always the first symptom, but it’s not always the correct one. If someone doesn’t understand you despite you explaining twice, it’s the recipient’s lacking.

  • The Rapper: 

Maybe because you talk very fast, the listener is unable to grasp what you are saying, and end up asking you to repeat again and again. This leaves you frustrated that you being misunderstood occurs so often. 

  • Powerful Listening Filters:

Another significant reason why people don’t hear what we say AS  we say them is because of listening filters. Each and every person has a system of perception. We only hear what we want to perceive of the situation. Listening filters stem from a few basic human emotions.

 As social beings we just want to be communicative with everyone. Anything that keeps us from expressing will only make us feel “I am Groot” even more.

Shara Marium
Part time student, full time coffee addict