Things To Do If You Are Single On Valentine’s Day

Because, you need to love yourself a little more!
Because, you need to love yourself a little more!

Here comes the day of the year that makes some of us want to disappear, not want to go outside and get on a hiatus even from social media. You guessed it right. Yes, we don’t want to get cringed by all the lovey-dovey couples being e-x-t-r-a goofy on Valentine’s day. Or, maybe it’s because this is the day that gives us the flashbacks of how we grew up watching fairy tale romances and thinking we’ll find that one true love, and then getting the reality check. Flashbacks of our celebrity crushes, “ex-crushes” getting married and being like “Aww, they look so good together, I wish them a happy ever after”. Thinking to ourselves – “Am I that difficult?” or going like “Will I never be enough?” because of someone who wasn’t “just into you” and kept the options open. 

Growing up in a comparatively conservative society, Valentine’s Day was all about television talk-shows on topics like – Is Valentine’s Day only for couples or is it universal? Do men love harder or women?, special Tele-films etc. However, being twenty-something and having lost interest in all of these can make Valentine’s day suffocating, especially seeing couples make plans for this day almost from the start of the year. As if a new year comes just for this very day. Seeing unhappy singles spam the socials to make sure everyone is aware of the fact that they are single on Valentine’s Day is another form of torment.

Now what? Are we going to despise this day for the entire month? Obviously, NO! Let’s accept it for what it is! Maybe overrated, but Valentine’s day does give people a chance to be more expressive. So we should be celebrating 14th Feb in our way to love ourselves a little more and make the day lovable in the process.

Cook something delicious for yourself and your family

The expression of love starts with the family. Cooking for people and feeding them is the ultimate guide for winning hearts. Moreover, cooking can be therapeutic as well, as it involves a lot of focus and keeps you from unnecessary thoughts. So, learn a new dish and surprise your family. They will definitely be awed by your gesture.

A self-time candlelit dinner at home

If you have made up your mind to cook something for yourself, then this can complement the process without having to do much. Create the ambience in your room using fairy lights or dim the lights, light up some scented candles, play some atmospheric music or your favourite music on loop and enjoy the time.

Spend the day at a spa

Self-love starts with self-care. Sleep disorders, workloads give us barely the chance to take care of our body. Thus, if you have that time, spend the day at a spa and pamper yourself. Get that glowing, buttery-smooth skin to make sure when you walk, everyone sees the radiance that comes from within. Let people go like, “damn, what’s the secret of this cheerfulness? Is she in love? Yes. With herself.

Watch your favourite movies/series


Movies/series can be an escape from reality. They can also give us hope. So what if reality is different? We don’t necessarily have to see the same stuff in movies as well. At least fiction should be making us feel good. Remember that when we abandon hopes, we abandon parts of ourselves. Watch something cheesy, take them lightly and enjoy. Just don’t let it grow on you.

Get yourself a Valentine’s Day present


You can get yourself the accessories, makeup, skin-care brands or anything that you like because you deserve to spoil yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can also buy small vintage souvenirs and pieces for your family and friends to make them feel special if you are high on budget.

Acknowledge yourself


You have come a long way, without emotionally depending on anyone. It takes courage to come to terms with the fact that you can wait till you find the right person and you can be the best version of yourself for them. So, don’t drain yourself thinking about things that didn’t work. These realizations and the awareness of self is very important and needs to be acknowledged. Pat yourself on the head for everything you do for your dear ones, for not letting your happiness get affected by not having someone else’s contribution. For walking away from situations that would have drained the life out of you. 

Be proud of your decisions in life and keep working on yourself. Love is certainly the absence of anxiety, and with the right people for you, things will automatically click. So don’t stress, keep hoping, and don’t forget to love yourself a little extra on this day. The Web Capitals team wishes a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you in advance. 

Shammi Mim
She is a cinephile, loves atmospheric music, and has a penchant for everything vintage.