Datascience is helping to make the world smaller!

Application of Data Science: Why It Is Booming Day By Day

In the modern world, data is everywhere. Hence, the application of data science is bigger than your imagination. Before that, do you know what is data science? In a simple word, data science is like playing with data. The key factor that has brought a revolutionary change in every industry is data science. It works with machine learning algorithms as well as artificial intelligence hand in hand. Thus, it predicts the future of any particular case from the given data. Suppose you are in a hurry today. You need to get to the office early. For that, you have to select the shortest route with the least traffics. However, how would you do that? Also, choosing the shortest route for driving would help you to save gallons of gas and eventually the environment. Therefore, the application of data science comes in here.

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Everything we do in our regular life generates data. But are we aware of it? Even if you call someone to talk generates data! Do you know that every minute we spend nearly 16 million text messages worldwide? Also, we live in the era of social media. Every minute people all over the world send nearly 15,000 GIFs via Facebook Messenger. All of these activities generate data. Seems like we are living in a data-driven world where everything is related to data and predicting the future with the help of data. 

Now, you can imagine the wider range of applications of data science. Let’s elaborate on this.

Search Engine

All of us are aware of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Who doesn’t use Google these days? Google answers all your queries. From the best of any food in any restaurant to today’s temperature- it answers all these things. Even if you are so dependent on search engines that if you suddenly fall ill, you must Google the remedy once before going to the doctor. Isn’t that so? And, you can find out the reason via google why the medicines prescribed by the doctor before taking them. But, have you ever wondered how does google work? Whenever you search for anything in google, it uses data science to deliver the best result. It analyzes your queries, finds the nearest answers to your questions via machine learning algorithms and shows you the best results. 

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These search engines are even better now. Because you can go for pictorial search there. You can upload any picture on the search engine and it will show you similar pictures related to your query. Also, you can search for locations just by uploading a single picture of that place on google. So, no worries even if you are lost!

Social Media

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account nowadays? It follows the data science and machine learning algorithms for workflow. Have you ever noticed whenever you upload a picture on Facebook, it automatically recognizes your face? If you upload a group photo, it will recognize the other faces also if they are on your friend list. Amazing, right? That’s because it follows data science algorithms. If you send a message to your friend via Facebook, the generated data is stored. It monitors your activities, analyzes data generated by you, and predicts your future activities on this particular app. Almost every social media works based on data science and machine learning. 

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Also, Facebook often shows you daily necessary products. For example, whenever there is a summer season in your country or region, it will show a summer collection of dresses and vice versa. But how would Facebook know this? That’s because it predicts your surroundings by analyzing data. That’s how all other social media apps maintain their workflow with the help of data science algorithms.

Virtual Assistants

Are you too lazy to type your queries on google? Then I’m sure you know about Siri. It is a famous virtual assistant that lets you stay connected without even typing. Interesting, right? There are several virtual assistants for you. For example, Amazon (Alexa), Apple (Siri), Google (Google Assistant), Microsoft (Cortona). They convert your speech into text. This is possible with the help of data science and artificial intelligence together.


Are you bored on the weekends? Or, are you too lazy to talk with people on phone? Again, no worries, Google Duplex brings the solution for you. It is an additional feature with Google Assistant. It can continue an entire conversation on behalf of you. Even it can book a dinner reservation for you. Also, it can be your weekend partner because it can talk back and forth with a human voice. 

Health Care

Scientists started to combine health care and data science algorithms in 2008 first. With the help of data science, they can predict the outbreaks of flu. Though it didn’t succeed, scientists never stopped trying. With the help of data science and machine learning algorithms, Google developed a system called ‘LYNA’- Lymph Node Assistant to identify breast tumors and cancers. The accuracy rate of cancer detection with this tool is perfect. And, it can trace new cancer or tumor when the growth is small. 


There is another software system called ‘ONCORA MEDICAL’ which will recommend you complete cancer care. It will suggest you cost of the treatments, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and so on by analyzing your previous health records and data. 

Even, scientists are trying to prevent the current pandemic with the help of data science. But, how? It analyzes collected data, predicts the mutation of the coronavirus or the future with the help of machine learning algorithms. 

Augmented Reality 

You must be shopping online. In this Corona epidemic, we rely on online platforms for shopping pretty much everything. Or do you feel uncertain about shopping online? Suppose you buy furniture for the living room of your home online. But you can’t predict how it will look like in your living room before you buy it. No worries, here’s the solution for you. 

Credits: Lvivity

I’m sure you must know ‘IKEA’– the largest furniture and home accessories, retailer. The amazing part is that if you order an item of furniture, you can place it in your home without buying it. Surprising, right? Yes, this is possible with the help of data science. IKEA has launched an augmented reality application that will help you to choose the perfect furniture for your home decoration. All you need to do is point the desired spot to the device, then just drag and drop the selected home decor piece. Thus it will help you to save your money also. 

Delivery Logistics 

Data science can help you to find the optimized way to deliver your products. DHL, FedEx, and similar systems use data science algorithms to predict the best time as well as the efficient route for shipping. Also, you can find the best transportation mode for your products with data science. Thus, using data science algorithms will reduce the cost of your company. 

Credits: Google Play

Risk and Fraud Detection 

Can you ever imagine software will provide justice to you? It seems impossible. Again, data science made it possible. The American judicial system uses the software ‘EQUIVANT’– a data-driven crime prediction software system. This software can also predict the possibility of a criminal doing a crime again when he is released from jail. The software uses a person’s age, gender, occupation, and other records to predict all of these. But, the accuracy of the software needs to be increased. 

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The immigration departments of almost all of the countries use facial recognition and biometrics before let someone enter their respective countries. This is again the application of data science algorithms. It reduces the crime rate and terror attacks worldwide. Even when you apply for a driving license, you have to register yourself with the help of biometrics.

Data science is an integral part of our lives in the modern age. Its scope extends from our basic needs to luxury. Feeling hungry? Wanna order food online? ‘Uber-Eats’ will serve you hot food within few minutes which is an application of data science. Need to go anywhere urgently but have no car with you right now? ‘Uber’ is just a few clicks away from you. Which is again an application of data science. Seems like we are too dependent on data science knowingly or unknowingly.